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african wooden statuette: woman crying
Woman holding head with both hands
Weight: 100 g
Height 20 cm
Material: Ebony Wood

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The african wooden statues of Africadada sound reputed to be the best in the market in terms of quality and in terms of price. As always Africadada is the best supplier of small african wooden statues thanks to its extensive network of artisans which if found everywhere in Africa.
The african wooden statues presented here are made in Ebony and represent a woman who holds her head with both hands for those who know Africa, the gesture of the hand on the head represents in the major part of African cultures and traditions the symbol of the weeping, the loss of a loved one or something important.

The gesture of the two hands that hold the head by our wooden statues highlights the different phases of life made of ups and downs to remind human beings not to forget their condition. This wooden statuette pays homage to the pain of the human being, the feeling that we often seek to forget as much as possible because it shakes us in the depths of our souls.
this african Wooden statues expresses the depth of the feeling of pain the feeling is even more accentuated by the fact that it is represented by the woman as we can see on the statuette the woman has her eyes closed as if she lived internally this pain a kind of internalization of pain.
Our goal is to offer wooden statues of quality small dimensions to our customers who can very well adorn their living rooms by adding this touch of authenticity and quality.

Africadada through his strength of will to spread African culture and make it accessible to the greatest number does not skimp on the means to make real this will. Every time we manage to make one of our customers have one of our african wooden statues, will be a battle won.
Woman holding head with both hands
Weight: 100 g
Height 20 cm
Material Ebony Wood
Pedestal 4,9×3,2 cm
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