African Art


African art statuette depicting a woman with on a water calabash on her head with a child on her back
Weight: 150 g
Height 23,8cm
Material Wood

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African Art

African art remains one of the richest that exists on the Earth’s surface through its diversity and its numbers. Africadada does not claim to represent African art in the broad sense of the term but rather to make a modest contribution through African sculpture in general and that related to the African statue of small size in particular.

Visibility of african art

At the level of its visibility african art to a delay today compared to other continents except for Egypt the art of other African countries is very little known because of its immense richness, it would be deplorable not to make known to the world this richness which awaits only to be famous
And this is the case of our category linked to African art you can find all kinds of African statuettes coming from several countries in Africa to highlight the richness of the culture of the African continent. This is how you will find animal statuettes symbol of the African continent come the lion, the giraffe, the elephant, the hippo and other.
It also happens to find pieces of African art dedicated to different situations of everyday life such as the African woman in her domestic work or even more abstract situations such as motherhood, tenderness, and other.

African art can be divided into two broad categories
On the one hand the African art illustrating the everyday life and on the other hand the African art illustrating the sacred.

African Art illustrating the daily

At the level of African art illustrating the daily life there are a number of works of art of various natures representing the daily through sculpture, painting especially through drawings on the caves, utensils of each day and other.

African Art illustrating the sacred dedicated to the cult

African art dedicated to sacred or religious worship is the most part of the time represented by African masks especially in the cultures and traditions of African countries called Black Africa. Indeed the African masks are used during religious ceremonies to represent deities or used as totem for the protection of the clan or the village. This religious aspect raised is very important for Africans as it is in this tribe through the cult of ancestors This is the case for example of the Bamileke tradition in western Cameroon.
African art statuette depicting a woman with on a water calabash on her head with a child on her back
Woman with water calabash on head and child on back
Weight: 150 g
Height 23, 8 cm
Ebony Wood Material
Pedestal 5, 7 cm

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