Ebony wooden statuette-africadada


Ebony wood statuette-Couple man woman face to face.
Weight: 125g
Height: 16 cm
Ebony Wood Material

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This Africadada Ebony wooden statuette depicting a woman and a man who look at each other. The theme of the complementarity between the man and the woman is very old in the African culture and tradition. This complementarity is at the origin of the fertility between two opposite sexes.
The black Ebony wooden statuette that represents a couple that looks between the eyes also expresses another fundamental theme between man and woman to know that of love not a banal love but a love that has the main complicity. For a long time it was wrong that in the African tradition the woman did not have the floor and had the authority without sharing her husband in a passive way.
However, it has never been like this in all African cultures the woman is the first counsellor of her husband with whom she shares the major decisions concerning family changes.
The Ebony wood statuette representing a couple that illustrates in a fairly explicit way the kind of relationship that existed between man and woman a symmetrical relationship or each had its field of net and clear action without confusing roles as is the case today in our so-called modern societies.
The small black wooden statuette of Africadada aims to promote the richness of African culture through handicrafts, sculpture and clothing.
The Ebony statuette has a compressive weight of 125grammes a height of 16 cm Ideal to be exposed in the living room on a wardrobe it is the touch of authenticity that dramatically improves your home.
A piece of African crafts rare and unique for people who love art in general and African art in particular. The wooden statuette that represents the continuity and fecundity of our race is a piece that must remind us every day from where we all come as human beings.
For the theme of procreation develop in this African precious wooden sculpture deserves to be lingered a little.
Africadada for art in the world.


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