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African Statues representing the theme of motherhood
Weight: 100g
Height: 16CM
material: Ebony Wood
Made in Cameroon

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african statues

The african statues of Africadada presented here is unique in its kind care it represents the theme of motherhood and love. Motherhood is one of the greatest clichés of mankind this love that a mother has for her child is represented here in our african statues in such a real and tender way that it comes to tears.
The statuette is made of black wood or ebony because in one piece showing a woman the look down that looks at her son that she holds in her hands. A glance fills with tenderness and love the things that touch us the most when we observe this african statues is the intensity of the look of the mother a glance that says everything through which one manages to detect a set of harmonised feelings such as love, tenderness, protection.

In addition, the african statues of Africadada are carried out in such a way as to be able to bring out the details the minimal attention has been paid to its climax in the elaboration of our wooden statues the logic and purpose sought are those of transmitting in the most faithful way African culture.

African statues for sale

In general the price of our african statues is quite symbolic to the extent that the real value of our african statuette is largely above the proposed price, our main objective being to tell spread African culture in the world and make it known even more. In this optics it appeared important to offer our customers a cheap African statue.
Africadada is constantly looking for what it has best for its customers that is why each of our products is a guarantee of quality because we are committed to offering our customers the best african statues on the market.
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