African wooden statuette


African wooden statuette
Woman with a jar of water on the head
Weight: 50 g
Height : 17cm
Ebony Wood Material
Pedestal 3,7×2,9 cm

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African wooden statuette
The african wooden statuette of Africadada is one of the most beautiful statuettes that exist so abstract and realistic at the same time.
The double characteristic of the african statue wood to represent a sculpture with characteristics of an abstract work of art on the one hand and a realistic work of art on the other hand suggests a new way of presenting and representing African art.
Our small african wooden statue that we present to you today weighs about 50 g with a height of 17 made entirely of African precious black wood representing a woman with a jar of water on the head.
We would like to point out that ours is not an african ancient wood statuettes although it is a precious wood among the best woods of Africa our statuette has no historical value, but an aesthetic value and a contemporary cultural value.

The african wooden statuette of Africadada is made up of love and dedition by artisans throughout Africa in love with the culture in general and the African in particular. Through a work that knows how to highlight the most subtle details to highlight the beauty of the whole.

Our craftsmen work with precise instructions to the end that the cultural aspect is always the most important aspect that is why by looking at loan our african wooden statuette on note its lines that converge downwards before meeting the fracture curve that ends in trunk to normalize the rest by making it more regular to the pedestal.
The two hands of the statuette blend with the rest of the body to form only one thing two arms-level openings to mark the delimitation.

Woman with a jar of water on the head
Weight: 50 g
17 Height
Material Ebony Wood
Pedestal 3,7×2,9 cm
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