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African Shirts for men

african shirts original and ideal for all occasions is made with the fabric African cloth in cotton very supple and lightweight but very resistant its vivid and harmonious colors at the same time make the style of this beautiful shirt unique.
Indeed the shirt can be worn either for casual occasions or then on more formal outings. Those who buy this shirt will be part of the very closed circle of 50 copies in the world that we have brought out for this model. And it will make it difficult to see someone in your entourage wearing them.
Our shirt model for men in bright and harmonious colors is a very elegant style of shirt that gives to the people who wear it an impression of eternal freshness thanks to the quality of the fabric and also his design.
Very beautiful African shirt for men in African fabric with very beautiful colors sober and cheerful this African shirt is of a rare class.
Size L Limited edition.
66cm Neck length
66cm Shirt length
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